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Position:  Parish Hall Facility Manager
Holy Cross Parish
Type:  Part-time
Location:  Beaver Island, MI

Job Summary:

This position will manage the Holy Cross Parish Hall facility, including arranging for seasonal openings and closings, on-going usage, including renting the facility to members of the public or parish.

The Parish Hall Facility Manager is required to become certified as a ServSafe manager. Holy Cross will compensate the certified manager for the on-line and licensed costs associated with earning this certification. If in-person training provides a better ServSafe certification opportunity, the related costs will be considered for compensation. Refer to and The Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Arranging for the seasonal opening and closing of the parish hall in coordination with the Building & Grounds Maintenance Coordinator and the actions of the assigned contractor. Coordinating the opening and closing of the parish hall shall result in compensation of $100 to the Parish Hall Facility Manager. The opening is to include a cleaning of the parish hall, which should be completed by volunteers. Should a cleaning firm need to be hired, Holy Cross will provide payment for these costs.

  • Marketing and arranging for the renting of the parish hall with parishioners and the public. Seeking out renters and contracting with the same via a Holy Cross Parish Hall rental agreement, with payment sent to the church office. Assuring that the renters comply with the terms of the rental agreement.

  • Coordinating rental advertising and information as necessary to secure rentals including through the parish’s Website by working with the parish’s Communication Coordinator.

  • Coordinating parish hall maintenance and repairs with the Building and Grounds Maintenance Coordinator. Evaluating the parish hall’s condition at the end of each rental period, to confirm the return of the deposit (or not) is the responsibility of this maintenance coordinator. Evaluating the parish hall’s water quality each month is also the responsibility of the maintenance coordinator.

  • Coordinating the parish hall supply purchases, licenses renewals, and event insurance with the Administrative Assistant, who will perform these activities.

  • Using the parish hall for parishioners for funerals is done with the coordination of the Holy Cross Altar Society, and rental fees (including the deposit) will not be charged. Coordinating the parish hall for funerals, including arranging the purchase of the appropriate supplies (condiments, cutlery, etc.) shall be done in coordination with the Administrative Assistant and result in compensation of $50 for the Parish Hall Facility Manager.

  • Using the parish hall for other parish events may be scheduled and rental fees (including the deposit) will not be charged. These events will be scheduled in coordination with the facility manager and administrative assistant. The Parish Hall Facility Manager will not be compensated for these events unless the manager needs to expend several hours to coordinate these events. Compensation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Renting the parish hall to the public or parishioners (for events other than a funeral) are considered income-based transactions. Processing the rental agreement and coordinating the event shall result in compensation of 15% of the rental fee (which does not include the deposit amount) for the Parish Hall Facility Manager. The renter is responsible for the purchase of appropriate supplies.

  • Arranging for the cleaning of the parish hall after each event. Cleaning may be completed by the Altar Society (for a funeral) or the Renter who performs the cleaning or arranges for others to perform this cleaning. Cleaning that is needed beyond what is completed by the Altar Society or the Renter may result in the Parish Hall Facility Manager hiring a cleaning firm. Cleaning costs for funerals shall be absorbed by Holy Cross, whereas cleaning costs for income-based events shall be deducted from the deposit.

  • Evaluating the current rental agreement and suggest improvements which require the approval of the Finance Committee.

This a work from home opportunity with visits to the Parish Hall as necessary to perform related duties. In addition, there will be occasional times as requested to come into the parish office for meetings and work coordination with the administrative assistant.

The above statements describe the general nature and level of work for the titled position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that require the rental and operations of the parish hall.

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