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Faith Resources

In our busy, technologically evolving world more and more people are using the Internet to work out of their home in having ready access to needed information without scheduling meetings while juggling the needs of busy family life.  Holy Cross Catholic Church has acquired a number of resources which offer you access to first rate Catholic content available right from home.


What is FORMED?

FORMED is an exciting new gateway to the best Catholic teaching videos, books and audio talks to deepen your parishioners' relationship with Christ and his Church. All in one place. Accessible on more smart phone, tablets, and computers.



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MyParish App

This FREE app is a wonderful tool to improve parish communications and outreach, and can be downloaded on your phone, iPad or tablet. The MyParish App has many features. 

Download the MyParish App for ease of Mass Times, announcements, daily readings, prayers,, the Rosary and so much more!

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